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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

The Asahi Diamond Industrial Group has changed the "impossible" into the "possible", contributing to manufacturing in all industries and supporting the development of society. We have been contributing to manufacturing and supporting the development of society.
In the field of manufacturing, where the evolution of technology is accelerating, We are tackling difficult problems on a daily basis.

The solution,

Unique technologies and solutions are always born from the excitement of dreaming of great future advances. Unique technologies and solutions are always born from the excitement of dreaming about the great advances of the future.
Together with our customers, we will make "manufacturing more interesting" and contribute to the development of society.

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what we aim to be

  • One and Only

    One and Only 唯一無二

    Anticipating changes in the world, we will continue to provide products and solutions that only we can offer through our innovative technologies and global organizational capabilities.

  • Eternal Growth

    Eternal Growth 永続的な成長

    We aim to be a company that grows continuously by becoming the most reliable presence for customers all over the world who are involved in manufacturing.

  • Job Satisfaction

    Job Satisfaction 働きがい

    We aim to be a company where all employees work energetically by linking job satisfaction to individual growth and bringing out the best of each individual.

guidelines for action

  • チャレンジ


    Set clear high goals and never give up until the end
    Take positive challenges without fear of change or failure
    Stay ahead of changes in the world and continue to innovate on your own

  • 顧客志向


    Discover needs that customers are unaware of
    Provide excitement that exceeds customer expectations
    Make customer "thank yous" energizing

  • ボーダレスな連携


    Build relationships across organizations to collaborate at any time
    Respect different cultures and customs and build trust
    Collaborate effectively with customers, partners, and research institutions

  • 持ち味を活かす


    Utilize individual characteristics and link them to growth
    Realize the right person for the right job without being restricted by organizational boundaries
    Develop human resources from a medium- to long-term perspective with an eye on the future

  • スピード


    Provide the best products and solutions ahead of the rest of the world
    Make the right decisions and act quickly to achieve greater results
    Always keep your antenna up and be the first to grasp the world's trends

Charter of Conduct

  1. Attitude toward customers

    • We will create business from the customer's perspective and work from the customer's point of view (integrity)
    • We deliver safety and security to those who use our products and services (safety and security)
    • We give due consideration to the protection of personal and customer information (confidentiality obligation).
  2. Attitude toward shareholders and investors

    • We will proactively disclose corporate information and aim for highly transparent management (management transparency).
    • We generate healthy profits through our business activities (shareholder returns).
    • We are accountable for and promote understanding of our corporate activities (accountability)
  3. Attitude toward suppliers

    • We respect our suppliers as valued partners (partnership)
    • We maintain equal relationships with our suppliers based on appropriate contracts (contracts)
    • We will engage in fair and proper business dealings (fairness)
  4. Attitude toward Employees

    • We respect the diversity, personality and individuality of our employees as colleagues who work together (respect for human rights).
    • We are proud of our company and our work and are positive about it, no matter where we are working (Pride)
    • We are responsible for the consequences that each of us must bear (self-responsibility)
  5. Attitude toward Society

    • We will promote corporate activities that respect and take into consideration the attachment of local residents to their hometowns (regional communication).
    • We shall not have any relationship with antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of civil society (Relationship with Antisocial Forces)
    • We will proactively consider and act on social contribution (Social Contribution)
    • We will voluntarily and proactively address and act on familiar environmental issues (environmental protection).

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