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Tools are all the tools used to make things. For example, chisels, cones, screwdrivers, and other tools, including blades that are attached to machines.
The Paleolithic spear is one of the oldest tools known to mankind. They were used for hunting and other purposes.
Tools used today are roughly classified into "cutting," "grinding," and "polishing. For example, tools with sharp blades and sharp surfaces are used to cut iron bars and polish their surfaces to make them smooth.


Q2. 実際はどこでどんなふうに 使われているの?

They are widely used in every aspect of manufacturing. For example, tools are used not only for automobiles and home appliances, but also for cutting thick asphalt to build roads and cutting silicon wafers, which are the raw materials for semiconductors used in personal computers. The size of the object to be made does not matter. From small to large objects, tools are used in a wide variety of manufacturing sites in a wide variety of industries.


Q3. 工具にダイヤモンドが付くと 何が違うの?

Diamond is the strongest and hardest natural substance in the world. Although it has a strong image as a jewel, it is also widely used for industrial purposes*. Tools are tools for "cutting," "grinding," and "polishing. If it is not harder than the material to be processed, it cannot be made sufficiently accurate (precise). By attaching diamonds to tools, even hard stones and concrete can be cut quickly, sharpened accurately, and polished to a smooth finish. *Artificial diamonds are mainly used for industrial applications.


Q4. 工具にはどんな形があるの?

Tools come in a variety of shapes depending on their application. For example, wheels used for grinding and polishing, and blades and cutters used for cutting are disk-shaped, like a doughnut. On the other hand, there are also thin wire-shaped tools such as ecomep,
(*) which are electroplated with very fine diamonds to slice silicon and sapphire. Band saws are banded blades with diamonds sprinkled on them. Others are rod-shaped, such as a wheel with a shaft. *Attach a substance to another substance by electrolysis.


Q5. ダイヤモンド工具って、日常生活と どんなふうに関わってるの?

Many of the objects around us are processed in some way with tools. For example, the corners of thin glass used in LCDs of flat-screen TVs are shaved, and silicon used in memory chips inside smartphones and PCs is cut into thin strips. Centering wheels are also used to sharpen the lenses of eyeglasses to match the frames.
Diamond tools are used in a wide range of familiar applications.

Q6.そんなダイヤモンド工具は、 どうやって作られるの?

Q6. そんなダイヤモンド工具は、どうやって作られるの?

Diamond tools are manufactured according to the manufacturing needs of various manufacturers who are our customers. Basically, they are made to order, one by one, according to the customer's requirements.

Q7.これからのダイヤモンド工具はどうなるの? Q7.


For example, diamond tools may make it possible to cut materials that could not be cut before or polish them to an even smoother shine than before. In addition to supporting manufacturing, diamond tools can also be said to lead innovation. In addition, diamond tools are used in the manufacture of solar power generation systems, LEDs, and other environmentally friendly products, and are also “environmentally friendly tools” because of their hardness and long life.

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