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Kazuki Kataoka, President and Representative Director
President and Representative Director

Kazuki Kataoka

We will continue to support the world's manufacturing with diamond tools that have unlimited possibilities.

We are a specialized manufacturer of diamond tools that support manufacturing in every industry. From the postwar dam construction industry, to the automobile industry, to the semiconductor industry, our company has changed and grown in line with the development of Japan's industrialization. Since our founding in 1937, our greatest strength has been the advanced technological capabilities we have cultivated over the years. As an independent corporate group with a broad domestic and international reach, we are also uniquely positioned to invest in human resources, technology, and other resources at our own discretion.

Our business is basically build-to-order, and until now our main focus has been on responding to our customers' requests, but in these days of globalization, it is no longer possible to stand on our own with our traditional passive stance. Therefore, we are now aggressively making upfront investments and shifting to a more proactive stance, aiming to develop products that are more unique and exceed our customers' expectations. At the same time, we will further focus on the semiconductor market, where demand is expected to increase over the long term.

The diamond tools offered by our group are products that can be used continuously and over the long term. In general, diamond tools have a life span that is several to dozens of times longer than that of other tools. Not only can they be used for long periods of time, but they can also be used for quick machining with high precision and efficiency, resulting in energy savings at the manufacturing site. In this way, diamond tools have the advantage of helping customers reduce their environmental impact and improve productivity.
Recently, many companies are aiming to solve social issues through their business in order to realize a sustainable society. We believe that if the performance of our products improves, we can contribute to our customers' manufacturing in a wide range of fields, leading to solutions to various social issues.

Society as a whole has been undergoing rapid and repeated changes in recent years due to global outbreaks of infectious diseases, high prices, natural disasters, and other factors. In an era that demands more flexible response capabilities, we believe it is important to continue to increase our global competitiveness by constantly challenging ourselves, developing our people, and refining our technology. The possibilities for diamond tools are endless. We will continue to contribute to society by making "manufacturing more interesting" in the world.

President and Representative Director

Kazuki Kataoka

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