Technical Information

Basic knowledge on diamond/CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) tools

Wheel Markings

Wheel Markings

Wheel Markings

Characteristics of Abrasive and Materials to Be Ground

(1) Characteristics of Abrasive

  • 1. Comparison of Crystal Structures


  • 2. Hardness


  • 3. Thermal Conductivity

    Thermal Conductivity

  • 4. Thermal Stability

    Thermal Stability

(2) Materials to Be Ground

Cutting Tool Materials

We offer cutting tools that meet your needs with our advanced tool designs and manufacturing technologies.

SUNPAX:Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD)

SUNPAX is produced by processing a mixture of polycrystalline synthetic diamond powder and bonding agent under high temperature and pressure. It is used in precision cutting tools for carious nonferrous metals, nonmetals, and composite materials and in wear-resistant tools.

SUNNITE:Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride(PCBN)

SUNNITE is produced by processing a mixture of polycrystalline CBN powder and bonding agent under very high temperature and pressure. It is especially suitable for tools used in cutting extremely hard materials, such as hardened steels and heat-resistant steels.

Diamond Coating (Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond)

This polycrystalline coating is formed as diamond through carbon, and it has the same level of hardness and wear resistance as natural diamond and is applied to various types of tools.

Natural Diamond

Natural diamond is produced in only a few favored places in the world because of the very unusual conditions under which it occurs. Rough diamonds are used in wire drawing dies, drill bits, dressers, etc.

Tool material and suitable workpiece


Workpiece Application  
Nonferrous metal Aluminum, Aluminum alloy, Cast aluminum alloy Automobile (engines, case, chassis, aluminum wheels, etc.)
Aircraft, electric machinery/appliances (cases, housing, compressor parts, etc.)
Precision machine (HD cases, cameras, VTR/camcorders, measuring machines, sawing machines, copier drums, etc.)
General machinery (hydraulic/pneumatic machines, gas appliances, mechanical parts, etc.)
Copper, Copper alloy, Cast copper alloy Automobile and vessel (shafts, pumps, gears, bearings, electric power steering, etc.)
Electric machinery/appliances (motors, commutators, heat exchangers, hydraulic components, etc.)
General/precision machinery (bearings, bushes, bolts, etc.)
Tungsten carbide Cutting of semi sintered and sintered (metal molds, etc.)
Ceramics Semi sintered and sintered (ceramic industry, bricks, ceramics)
Nonmetal Plastics (FRP, MC nylon, acrylic, polycarbonate, PCB (glass epoxy + copper foil)). carbon, graphite, black lead, ferrite, brake shoes, pottery, rubber (soft and hard), etc.


Tool steel/ Carbon tool steel (SK)
Alloy tool steel (SKS, SKD)
Cutting tools, metal molds, rolling-mill/forming rolls
Heat resistant steel, heat resistant alloy Engine parts, jet engine parts, gas turbine parts, nuclear reactor parts
Sprayed metal, cast iron Corrosion-resistant parts, wear resistant parts, rolling-mill/forming rolls, piston groove, cylinder bore
Hardened alloy steel, Chrome-molybdenum steel (SCM)
nickel-chrome-molybdenum steel (SNCM)
Machine parts (gears, shafts)
Bearing steel (SUJ) Bearings
Sintered metal Valve seats, valve guides

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