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Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions for Wheels

For preventing accidents and safe operation, carefully read the Safety Instructions, the notes described in Inspection List and the Operators Manual before operating.

(1) Working Environment, Clothes, Protections

  • Operators should put on protection such as goggles, dustproof mask, safety boots, protecting cap.
  • Wheels can generate sparks during operation. Do not operate where subjected to ignition or explosion.

(2) Prior to Operation

  • Make sure to apply grinding fluid continuously when using in wet grinding.
  • Do not reprofile the wheel, please return to us.
  • Do not operate when wheel shape and size don’t fit the designated size of grinder : diameter, thickness and arbor hole diameter.
  • When using a ferrous core, remove applied rustproof wax.
  • When using a ceramic core, inspect using sound by tapping wheel side with wooden hammer prior to installation.
  • Always use the wheel for its intended use, do not attempt to use the side of an O.D. wheel.

(3) Installation

  • Make sure the grinder is OFF when installing the wheel and when removing wheel form grinder.
    When using a ceramic core, place the paper rings between the core and the flange in order to prevent fracture, crack, etc..
  • When putting a wheel on to the flange, do not push by force : e.g. striking with hammer.
  • When using a ceramic core, make sure "SUN"mark label is on top the wheel is fixed to spindle vertically.
  • Secure bolts on flanges with equal torque at each diagonal position.

(4)Grinding Operation

  • Do not touch spinning wheel. In case of dry grinding, do not touch wheel even after grinding because it might be hot.
  • Never operate exceeding the maximum operating speed designated in Wheel Inspection List as well as tolerance operating speed of grinder spindle.
  • When unusual sound or vibration occurs, stop the operation and switch off the machine immediately.
  • Make a no-load trial run for 1 to 3 minutes prior to operation in order to make sure the operating direction is correct and there is no vibration.
  • When processing wet, be sure to apply grinding fluid sufficiently at the point of grinding.
  • When contacting wheel with workpiece, be sure not to cut excessively. Also do not continue to operate overload.
  • When operating dry, be sure not to burn wheel.

(5) Storage

  • After operating, if wheel needs to be removed and stored, store it in a dry and safe area. Do not store wheel where subjected to falling objects or electrical shock.
  • Using a ferrous core, apply rustproof wax and store.

Operating Precautions for Cutting Tools

Please note the following precautions when you use any of our cutting tools.

  • Because tools are vulnerable to static impact, protect the edge when you handle them.
  • Do not start or stop a machine with a tool placed against a workpiece.
  • Regrind tools early. Cutting with a worn edge by force will damage the edge and shorten its life.

Safety Instruction for Diamond Saw Blade


  • Always attach the protective cover (wheel guard) specified by the power tool manufacturer. When the wheel breaks, broken pieces May strike the operator and cause sever person injury.
  • Never use the wheel to cut zigzag patterns, curved lines, without a guide, for gouging or side surfaces.
  • Never touch a wheel during the rotation in the hand and the body. There is danger of the big injury.


  • Operators should always use protective glasses, safety shoos and a protective hat. When the wheel is damaged, broken pieces may strike operators and cause injury.
  • Wear a dust mask and ear plugs when cutting the construction material. The operator may suffer throat and lung damage if the dust is inhaled. The loud operation sound may cause damage to the ears.

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