Basic and applied technologies

Basic research is an indispensable initiative to upgrade our technological capabilities as the base for creating unforeseen new technologies and new manufacturing methods. We give priority not only to satisfying social and customer needs but also to nurturing seeds for unforeseen research while thinking about things from various angles. In the area for applied technologies to apply basic research to practical manufacturing and technological improvements, we try to develop high-value-added technologies with flexible thinking and high technological capabilities.

Potential of diamond tools

The Company, as a specialized diamond tool manufacturer, strives to manufacture better products by taking advantage of its broad knowledge and experience. Basic research at our R&D Center and the development of applied technologies at the factories is always conducted in close cooperation to create synergy. The most important thing is our attitude of continuing to pursue better things. We always try to improve products by taking advantage of the know-how we have fostered for diamond and its processing over a long time.

Creating cutting-edge tools for global markets

In the future, we will increase cooperation with overseas parties in promoting research on diamonds. In a bid to expand into new technologies, including ultra-precision machining, we will seek to create tools that can compete in these areas. We will have to further upgrade our technologies without sparing any effort to invest business and human resources. We will introduce laser, optical equipment, and other cutting-edge technologies as a matter of course and take advantage of high-quality manufacturing skills using traditional manual operations in order to add new technological value to "tools."

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