Research and Development Center

The role of the R&D Center is to explore potential for future technology and manufacturing at the most upstream point. The center not only improves specific existing products but also makes an essential approach to diamonds as industrial material. By exploring both visible and invisible things with knowledge and hypotheses, the center builds the base for the Company’s technological development.

Setting themes strategically

Compared with the product development division close to the production front, the R&D Center sets research themes more strategically. In doing so, the center interviews a wide range of people at marketing offices and factories in a bid to find research themes featuring greater demand and potential. The center conducts such interviews not only at regular interdivisional meetings but also under our characteristic corporate culture of free exchange of information, being ready to launch necessary research as required.

Social contribution based on tools

We build on our knowledge and technology for diamonds and relevant tools to hold workshops for trading partners, industry groups, research organizations and other parties. These workshops cover a wide range of lectures including general and technical ones. We also give priority to developing our ties with regional communities. The Chiba Factory invites enterprise and school officials, corporate engineers and other people in its vicinity to in-house tours in order to deepen their understanding about our Company and diamond tools.

Cooperation with outside organizations

We conduct research not necessarily only within our Company. In many cases, we cooperate with various outside R&D organizations including research institutes, universities and government agencies. We proactively contact them and participate in workshops to enhance links with external parties and utilize knowledge gained from the outside for applicable research and development. Sometimes, we set research themes to produce added value under our unique thinking. In this way, we exploit information gained through contact with the outside to further expand research.

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