• “SUN CREST 2” Electroplated Wheels
    “SUN CREST 2” Electroplated Wheels
    The product is used for processing magnetic materials when sharpness is required. With circuit surface concavity and convexity set up in a screw shape, the product can be applied toφ100 and smaller wh...
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  • “Fine Master”
    “Fine Master”
    "Fine Master" resolve stock removal, clogging in Simultaneous Grinding, and abnomal wear. On the other hand, "Fine Master" enhances flatness and roughness in Mirror Grinding with high accuracy and eff...
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  • “Bright Star” High Quality Lapping Elasticity Bond Wheels
    “Bright Star” High Quality Lapping Elasticity Bond Wheels
    Super abrasive resin wheel to expand standard working area. The feature of the bond is highly elastic & a special structure. Hard type BRS2, has hardness and toughness to grip abrasive grain.  Fle...
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  • “ARVO” Series
    A new type of bond with a special structure and high elasticity unseen in the conventional Bright Star bond, developed for the purpose of expanding the processing area of resin bond wheels for lapping...
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  • “SENCIA THREE” Series
    Grinding sintered body tools is an arduous process entailing the simultaneous grinding of sintered body parts and carbide parts, with stringent requirements on shortening cycle time and reducing costs...
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  • “NEO STAR” CBN Wheel
    “NEO STAR” CBN Wheel
    The grinding ability of this wheel is extensively advanced by improving the element of polyx bond and making CBN abrasive grit retention stronger. As a result, it achieves outstanding performance in h...
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  • “VIT SOFT”
    “VIT SOFT”
    This vitrified bond CBN wheels offers extremely high machining accuracy as it is made from brittle materials. The pores in the wheel also ensure that the product has high grinding capability. The whee...
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  • Vitrified Bond CBN Wheels [AZLife]
    Vitrified Bond CBN Wheels [AZLife]
    AZLife is a new bond with increased bond strength. It offers the same sharpness while achieving a dramatic improvement in service life, compared with conventional products. ...
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  • Vitrified Bond CBN Wheels : for ring-type centerless grinding
    This is a ring-type centerless grinding wheel with no seams in the circumferential direction. It offers the benefit of improved circularity compared to ordinary segment types. It is used for bearings,...
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  • “VMB” Vitrified Bond Wheel
    “VMB” Vitrified Bond Wheel
    “VMB” Vitrified Bond Wheel promises excellent sharpness and processing accuracy for grinding of PCD / PCBN tools. ...
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