• “AK Series” Dry Cutting Blade : for asphalt
    “AK Series” Dry Cutting Blade : for asphalt
    This is the most suitable dry blade for dry cutting of asphalt to solve the cut sludge disposal problem. The optimum substrate achieving the sufficient straightness of cutting is adopted along with a ...
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  • “Hyper Mole Mega”
    “Hyper Mole Mega”
    Two types are available for different sizes of drilling motor.MEGA for low-middle powered saw machines.  ...
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  • “M27”
    Developed for low powered light weight machines(1,000-2,000W)Suitable for making holes for pipework.Also suitable for making holes for fixings and anchors. ...
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  • “Hyper Mole Z”
    “Hyper Mole Z”
    The three-point bit is designed for holing, demolition and seismic strengthening of reinforced concrete structures. The bit features sharpness and economic efficiency. The bit lineup includes the 4-in...
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  • Diamond Bits
    Diamond Bits
    Diamond bits are used in geological boring surveys of the ground at mineral resource, hot spring, tunnel construction, landslide and dam sites; in drillng ground reinforcement injection holes during t...
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