• Diamond Core Drills
    Diamond Core Drills
    Diamond core drills are used primarily for drilling stone and are indispensable in drilling holes of different diameters in stone or cutting out stone cylinders. ...
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  • “Gold”
    Gold Series cutters are general-purpose blades for cutting concrete, ordinary brick, and some varieties of stone. ...
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  • “New Gold”
    “New Gold”
    New Gold series blades have wave-type continuous rim tips that enable them to achieve an extremely smooth working finish.  ...
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  • “Green”
    Green series blades are easy-to-use portable concrete blades for small jobs. ...
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  • “Tile Gray”
    “Tile Gray”
    Portable cutter only for use of tile which fore material was selected strictly to heighten its rigidity and safety. ...
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  • Single Cup Wheel / Segment Face Grinder
    Single Cup Wheel / Segment Face Grinder
    Single cup wheel : Popular product only for use of concrete shows excellent free cutting which makes high efficient grinding possible.Segment face grinder : Popular product which is suitable for grind...
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  • Grooving Cutter
    Grooving Cutter
    Grooving cutter for repair of cracks occurred on wall and floor of concrete structure. ...
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  • Diamond Drum Wheels
    Diamond Drum Wheels
    Diamond drum wheels are indispensable in the form grinding of stone materials. Applicable to various stone shapes, the drum wheels restore the original finish of the stone. ...
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  • Grinding Wheel
    Grinding Wheel
    For use in the processing of a variety of stones and other building materials either for calibration or surface reparation. ...
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  • “Econo-ARIX”
    These blades are suited for cutting concrete objects, such as concrete gutter and concrete pipe. ...
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