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QFN Package

[QFN package]

The QFN (Quad Flat Non-leaded) package features the absence of lead in the periphery. In the QFN package cutting process, priority is given to suppressing terminal burrs on a cut surface.

Basic QFN structure

[Adaptive blades]

[Case study]

The Sun Mighty electroforming blade with a base metal has relief along the sides, featuring excellent plumbing. Therefore, it boasts higher burr suppression effects, good abrasion resistance and favorable shape maintenance.
Resin blades are effective if priority is given to burr suppression. Resin blades, though being less abrasion resistant than electroforming blades, can provide better processing quality.
The following is an example of Sun Mighty and resin blades being used for the processing of QFN packages. These blades can flexibly meet requests.

Processing requirements

Workpiece QFN Package 0.9mmT
Blade “SUNMIGHTY” Electroforming Blades with Steel Core #400
Resin blade #230
O.D. φ58mm, Blade thickness at 0.3mm
Feed Rate 35mm/sec

Comparing machining states

Comparing machining states

*Please ask our competent staff for details including blade specifications and processing methods.

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