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LTCC substrates

[LTCC substrates]

The LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) represents multi-layer ceramic technology* for higher functionality of substrates (lighter and thinner). LTCC substrates can be sintered at low temperatures, allowing low-melting-point materials (including Ag and Cu) to be used as internal terminals. They thus feature high-density interconnection, high heat resistance, and high humidity resistance.

*While multi-layer substrates made of conventional alumina ceramics are sintered at between 1,200 and 1,500°C, LTCC substrates can be sintered at 1,000°C or less with foreign matter added to alumina.

[Adaptive blades]

[Case study]

Following is an example of our “Sun Novel” highly elastic metal blade being used for the processing of LTCC substrates.

Processing requirements

Workpiece LTCC substrates 0.5mmT
Blade High elasticity metal bond blade “SUN NOVEL”
Mesh Size #600 O.D. φ52mm Blade thickness at 0.15mm
Feed Rate 7mm/sec

Cut resistance (relative value)

Cut resistance (relative value)

*Please ask our competent staff for details including blade specifications and processing methods.

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