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LCD drivers

[LCD drivers]

The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) driver is a circuit to drive liquid crystal, converting data (color) to be displayed on the LCD panel into voltage. The LCD driver is thin, long and made of silicon.

LCD driver

[Adaptive blades]

[Case study]

High-quality processing is required for cutting silicon wafers for LCD drivers. Usually, hub-type electroforming blades are used for step cutting of silicon wafers. Sufficient precutting before processing is important, boosting processing costs. In order to solve the cost problem, we have developed a precutting-shortening hub blade, named the HD Blade.
The following is an example of the HD Blade being used. The HD Blade can be used for reducing precutting time and relevant costs and improving processing quality. Conventional fine blades (#3000, #4000) may be broken during precutting. The HD Blade is very unlikely to break.

Processing requirements

Workpiece Φ8”Si 0.4mmT
Blades HD Blade Conventional blades
Z1 axis : Mesh Size #3000, Blade thickness at 0.04mm
Z2 axis : Mesh Size #2500, Blade thickness at 0.02mm
Feed Rate 80mm/sec

Chipping comparison

Chipping comparison

*Please ask our competent staff for details including blade specifications and processing methods.

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