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[Glass use (Example) filter glass]

Recent camera devices have shifted to higher density, requiring higher pixels and optical characteristics. As optical filters to cut infrared rays in digital images and make colors more viewable, IR cut filters with glass substrates are used for smartphones, digital cameras, video cameras, and car-mounted cameras.

Filter glass

[Adaptive blades]

[Case study]

The following is an example of our ring-type metal blades being used.

Processing requirements

Workpiece Glass 1.0mmT
Blade Metal Blades
Mesh Size #800, O.D. φ54mm, Blade thickness at 0.1mm
Feed Rate 6mm/sec

Comparative data

Mainly resin and metal bonds are used for processing glass. When resin blades are used to cut glass, however, meandering cutting lines may be a problem (left photo).
In this case, metal blades, which are stiffer than resin blades, can be combined with a processing technique for drawing out their capabilities to solve the problem without lowering the processing efficiency (right photo).

Photos of cut surfaces

Another company’s resin blades, #400

Another company’s resin blades, #400

Asahi Diamond metal blades, #800

Asahi Diamond metal blades, #800

*Please ask our competent staff for details including blade specifications and processing methods.

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