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Alumina substrate


Alumina (aluminum oxide Al2O3) excels in strength, thermal conductivity, and insulation, and is used for a wide variety of products, including IC package substrates and ceramic circuit boards. Since the alumina substrate cutting process is vulnerable to cracking and chipping, resin blades with a higher processing quality are usually used for the process. But resin blades are less abrasion resistant, having shorter service lives than metal blades. However, we have developed the Sun Novel highly elastic blade achieving better processing quality and abrasion resistance.

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[Case study]

The following is an example of the Sun Novel highly elastic blade being used for the processing of alumina substrates.

Processing requirements

Workpiece Alumina substrate (96% pure) 0.65mmT
Blade High elasticity metal bond blade “SUN NOVEL”
Resin Blades Metal Blades
Mesh Size #500 O.D. φ54mm Blade thickness at 0.15mm
Feed Rate 5mm/sec

Comparative data

Comparative data

*Please ask our competent staff for details including blade specifications and processing methods.

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