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PRISMA DRESSER improve’s tool life and dress quality by using polycrystalline diamond, proven to be more durable than mono-crystal synthetic diamond which is prone to cracking and shorter tool life.
Consistent diamond wear is due to consistent cross sectional area through length of the polycrystalline diamond, making it very suitable for automated dressing operations.
Various polycrystalline diamond dimensions are available to meet specific needs of each application and customer.
Polycrystalline diamond provides consistent dresser performance and ability through out the tool so no need to orient the diamond.



  • ・Single Point
  • ・Formed Type
  • ・Blade Type
  • ・Cone Point
  • ・Roller Dresser Type

  • Centerless grinding, cylinder grinding, internal grinding Internal grinding of wheels, cylinder grinding Angular grinding, screw grinding, centerless grinding
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