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“EcoMEP” Electroplated Wire : for slicing silicon ingots

Electroplated diamond wire, EcoMEP, is a small-diameter, high-strength wire that has been electroplated with diamond grains using a special technique. It can be used to cut multiple slices of hard brittle materials such as silicon, sapphire, and neodymium-iron alloy, enabling the rapid production of a number of wafers at the same time. It has also been proven in applications that involve cutting rare metals and materials that are difficult to machine, with uses that include single cutting and sizing as well as cutting multiple slices. The use of water-soluble cutting fluid during cutting allows for the collection and recovery of shavings, making EcoMEP a product that is easy on the global environment while also reducing total costs. Asahi Diamond Industrial also has its own test cutting apparatus that can be used to provide customers with optimal cutting conditions and settings to suit their specific materials.

  • Slicing silicon, sapphire, Neodymium iron and hard brittle materials
  • Cutting difficult-to-machine materials and rare materials
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