• Flat Saw
    Flat Saw
    Ideal for reinforced concrete such as road bridges. Two specifications are available:-CS10 for free cutting and CS9 for long life. Four cutting widths are available to allow pre-cutting when making de...
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  • Milling Wheel
    Milling Wheel
    Used for milling grooves on motorways to discharge rainwater and meltwater. Three segment configurations are available straight, angled, and helical. ...
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  • Jointing Blades
    Jointing Blades
    Ideal for cutting contraction joints and detector loops in roads and floors. Specifications also available for dry cutting. ...
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  • Grooving
    Used for grooving roads to prevent cars hydroplaning.Used for runways to improve aircraft braking.Other dimensions, other specification especially for dry cutting are also available on request. ...
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  • Wall Saw
    Wall Saw
    Used for demolition and refurbishment i.e. cutting windows and doorwaysW. Type - Light reinforcing and lower powered machines.M. Type - Heavy reinforcing and high-powered machines. ...
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  • “Hyper Snake” Diamond Wire Saws
    “Hyper Snake” Diamond Wire Saws
    Hyper Snake diamond wire saws are attracting increasing attention as effective tools for cutting and demolishing reinforced concrete structures. Hyper Snake greatly improves work efficiency and create...
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  • “AK Series” Dry Cutting Blade : for asphalt
    “AK Series” Dry Cutting Blade : for asphalt
    This is the most suitable dry blade for dry cutting of asphalt to solve the cut sludge disposal problem. The optimum substrate achieving the sufficient straightness of cutting is adopted along with a ...
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  • “SUNNEO” Diamond Cutting Wheels
    “SUNNEO” Diamond Cutting Wheels
    The resin and metal bond wheels have been developed for cutting rare-earth magnets featuring sharpness and long service life. The Resin Bond SN100 (for cutting) excels in shape maintenance and can be ...
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