• Sintered Cutting Wheels (Single type)
    Sintered Cutting Wheels (Single type)
    Single type cutting wheels have a steel core with a diamond or CBN abrasive grain on the outer rim. Available with various selections of grains (diamond or CBN), bond (metal, resin, electroplated), cu...
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  • Precision Cutting Wheels (Multi-Set Type)
    Precision Cutting Wheels (Multi-Set Type)
    This is a flange with multiple cutters attached to improve processing efficiency. Our proprietary technology responds to customers' high demand for pitch and shape. ...
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  • “BGS” Long-Life Resin Cutter
    The cutter has been developed for cutting electronic materials including glass and ceramics for which chipping and cutting resistance must be suppressed....
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  • “Blue”
    The Blue series portable cutters are ideal for dry cutting jobs and are very popular for masonry work. ...
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  • “Sky Blue”
    “Sky Blue”
    Segment wave typed popular product with putting priority to free cutting. ...
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  • “Marble”
    Electroformed portable cutter shows excellent free cutting for various materials. ...
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  • “Slide-on Type” Diamond Circular Saw Blades
    “Slide-on Type” Diamond Circular Saw Blades
    The Slide-on Type diamond saw blade is equipped with a unique replaceable cassette-tip mechanism that allows diamond segments to be replaced without removing the blade from the machine. ...
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  • Diamond Circular Saw Blades
    Diamond Circular Saw Blades
    In situations where noise-reduced suppression blades are required, Asahi Diamond's medium-diameter Prime Saw blades are ideal, featuring improved cutting finish and precision, as well as longer life, ...
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  • “S-cut” Blades : for masonry saws
    “S-cut” Blades : for masonry saws
    Asahi Diamond's masonry saw blades S-cut perform with a superior degree of accuracy and speed. ...
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  • Circular Saw Blades : for trimming
    Circular Saw Blades : for trimming
    Precise cutting is essential to construction processes involving natural stone. Asahi Diamond's stone cutting, high-performance saw blades are known for their accuracy, speed and durability. ...
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