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1. Disclaimer

Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Asahi Diamond") makes no warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of information on this Website. Asahi Diamond does not guarantee that all information is kept up to date. Asahi Diamond shall assume no responsibility for any error found in the information on this Website.

2. Change in information

Asahi Diamond may change or delete information on this Website as necessary without notice. Asahi Diamond may also suspend or discontinue this Website due to unavoidable circumstances.

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Unless otherwise provided, all copyrights and trademarks contained in the information on this Website belong to Asahi Diamond and its affiliated companies. It is prohibited by law to sell, copy or convert the information for commercial purposes.

4. Provision of information

This Website may contain information on our products, programs and services that are not released or provided in countries other than Japan. This does not necessarily mean that Asahi Diamond will release or provide them overseas.

5. Privacy control

Asahi Diamond does not intend to obtain confidential information from users through this Website. Please understand that, except for customers’ personal information provided in the Privacy Policy noted elsewhere, Asahi Diamond shall regard all ideas, concepts, know-how and techniques, which have been provided to us through this Website, as non-confidential.

6. Links

Asahi Diamond shall assume no responsibility for any Websites that can be accessed through links from this Website. Asahi Diamond shall assume no responsibility for any damage arising out of the use of this Website (including all other Websites linked thereof).

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