• SUNPAX Drills
    SUNPAX Drills
    To meet the market demand for high productivity, we developed helical type drills with a diamond compact, which allows rapid feeding and reduces thrust. Also available are special types that solve exi...
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  • SUNPAX Chip-Cutting (Chip Breaking) Drills
    SUNPAX Chip-Cutting (Chip Breaking) Drills
    As a solution to chip obstruction, one of the problems in cutting, we specially treated the edge to cut chips much smaller and therefore you can avoid such troubles as chips coiling around and remaini...
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  • SUNPAX Wear Parts
    SUNPAX Wear Parts
    Replacing iron and cemented carbide with diamond extends the service life of wear parts and helps reduce running costs.・Centerless Blades (Work-Rest): SUNPAX also greatly improves accuracy and efficie...
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  • “SUNCREA” High Efficiency Metal Bond for Difficult-to-machine Materials
    “SUNCREA” High Efficiency Metal Bond for Difficult-to-machine Materials
    SUNCREA realizes sharpness and service life which could not be obtained with conventional metal bonds in sapphire, carbide, hard brittle materials such as ceramics and ferrite, hard magnetic materials...
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  • “ASPIRE POLYX” Series
    “ASPIRE POLYX” Series
    ASPIRE POLYX wheels have achieved higher sharpness and longer service lives than conventional resin and polyx bonds for processing crustaceous materials such as carbide, ceramics, glass, and iron mate...
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  • SUNPAX / SUNNITE Turning Tools & Inserts
    SUNPAX / SUNNITE Turning Tools & Inserts
    With our processing know-how and a wide selection of diamond/CBN blanks, we offer standard and custom-made products and also special-specification (chip breakers, wipers, etc.) designs and thus help y...
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  • “SUNNITE-TWIN” (Inserts)
    “SUNNITE-TWIN” (Inserts)
    These models are economical, have CBN edges in the two corners, and therefore allow you to reduce tool costs in cutting processes. ...
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  • Diamond Wire Drawing Dies
    Diamond Wire Drawing Dies
    Dies can be supplied to suit a wide variety of user performance requirements, with a product range that extends from 0.008mm to 30mm and can cope with different materials and physical properties, fro...
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  • Vitrified Bond CBN Wheels [AZLife]
    Vitrified Bond CBN Wheels [AZLife]
    AZLife is a new bond with increased bond strength. It offers the same sharpness while achieving a dramatic improvement in service life, compared with conventional products. ...
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  • Vitrified Bond CBN Wheels : for ring-type centerless grinding
    This is a ring-type centerless grinding wheel with no seams in the circumferential direction. It offers the benefit of improved circularity compared to ordinary segment types. It is used for bearings,...
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