• Sintered Cutting Wheels (Single type)
    Sintered Cutting Wheels (Single type)
    Single type cutting wheels have a steel core with a diamond or CBN abrasive grain on the outer rim. Available with various selections of grains (diamond or CBN), bond (metal, resin, electroplated), cu...
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  • SUNPAX / SUNNITE Turning Tools & Inserts
    SUNPAX / SUNNITE Turning Tools & Inserts
    With our processing know-how and a wide selection of diamond/CBN blanks, we offer standard and custom-made products and also special-specification (chip breakers, wipers, etc.) designs and thus help y...
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  • “SUNNITE-TWIN” (Inserts)
    “SUNNITE-TWIN” (Inserts)
    These models are economical, have CBN edges in the two corners, and therefore allow you to reduce tool costs in cutting processes. ...
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  • Diamond Wire Guides
    Diamond Wire Guides
    The accuracy of wire guides determines the precision of wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) which is used for metal forming processes in various industries.Asahi Diamond has developed this highl...
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  • Diamond Water Jet Nozzles
    Diamond Water Jet Nozzles
    By using diamond for water jet nozzles, water stream width can be minimized, directness and ultrahigh pressure achieved resulting in higher precision and longer life. Furthermore, by expanding the wid...
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  • PCD Blast Nozzle
    PCD Blast Nozzle
    This is a nozzle used widely for holing device wafers and sensor substrates, forming grooving electrodes, texturing stainless steel plates, processing PDP cover glass, shot peening, removing burrs, su...
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  • Sprue Bush
    Sprue Bush
    The diamond sprue bush is most suitable for the mold injection of filler-reinforced plastics. Excelling in abrasion resistance, the sprue bush suppresses progress in abrasion at the nozzle touch secti...
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  • Diamond Paste / Diluent / Diamond Slurry
    Diamond Paste / Diluent / Diamond Slurry
    The special paste and diluting fluid can sustain high performance over a long time even in a small volume. The SP-WO allows economic lapping and polishing processes to be conducted for every material ...
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