• “Gold”
    Gold Series cutters are general-purpose blades for cutting concrete, ordinary brick, and some varieties of stone. ...
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  • “New Gold”
    “New Gold”
    New Gold series blades have wave-type continuous rim tips that enable them to achieve an extremely smooth working finish.  ...
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  • “Green”
    Green series blades are easy-to-use portable concrete blades for small jobs. ...
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  • “Tile Gray”
    “Tile Gray”
    Portable cutter only for use of tile which fore material was selected strictly to heighten its rigidity and safety. ...
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  • Single Cup Wheel / Segment Face Grinder
    Single Cup Wheel / Segment Face Grinder
    Single cup wheel : Popular product only for use of concrete shows excellent free cutting which makes high efficient grinding possible.Segment face grinder : Popular product which is suitable for grind...
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  • Grooving Cutter
    Grooving Cutter
    Grooving cutter for repair of cracks occurred on wall and floor of concrete structure. ...
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  • “Econo-ARIX”
    These blades are suited for cutting concrete objects, such as concrete gutter and concrete pipe. ...
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  • “Merit” General-Purpose Saw Blades
    “Merit” General-Purpose Saw Blades
    The Merit Series of saw blades, developed specifically to cut concrete, are highly economical, featuring excellent cutting finish and long blade life. ...
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  • “SilverⅡ”
    This is a blade specialized for an engine cutter suitable for cutting concrete, blocks and U-shaped grooves. The portable cutter has achieved both sufficiently practical performance and economic effic...
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  • “MV Linear” Saw Blades for asphalt
    “MV Linear” Saw Blades for asphalt
    Our MV Linear of saw blades, which employ V-shaped chips on the blade edges, are ideal for cutting and grooving asphalt surfaces. A diversity of models, suited to both low- to high-horsepower machines...
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