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Electronics and Semiconductor

We see electronics and semiconductor products used in various ways in our surroundings. For example, electronics and semiconductor products are incorporated into televisions, smartphones, personal computers and domestic electrical appliances familiar to us. It is well known that technological advancement in the electronics and semiconductor area is far more rapid than in other areas. Manufacturers in this area are required to create products dealing with constantly advancing technology. As speedy research and development is required in this area, it is important to put up antennas in various places to collect information. The area features a limited number of customers boasting large business scales. We combine our unchallenged technology with our capabilities for speedy information collection to continue meeting those customers’ requirements.


Diamond Wheels, Diamond Cutting Wheels, Electroplated Diamond Wire, Diamond Band Saws, CMP Conditioners, Diamond Dies, Scribers, and Precision Grinding Wheels


Our products are widely used for manufacturing automobiles, aircraft and other machines to transport humans and goods. Automobiles and aircraft are by nature required to secure absolute safety. Our diamond tools ensure such safety with their high precision. For example, our products are used for producing the several tens of thousands of parts used in an automobile. As a tool is required for many parts, our wide product lineup and our technology for realizing high precision are indispensable. Aircraft and other large transportation machines also have many parts that must be processed with diamond tools. Our products play a key role in supporting the production of parts for transportation machines.

Diamond Wheels, CBN Wheels, Cutting Wheels, Diamond Dressers, Diamond Roller Dressers, Turning Tools, Drills, End Mills, Reamers, and Precision Grinding Wheels


While Japan’s manufacturing is highly appreciated around the world, the machine tool, industrial tool, and mold industries are supporting the strong competitiveness of Japan’s manufacturing. These industries have an unlimited number of products, including lathes, grinding machines and other machine tools for processing metal and wood, as well as molds for mass production of uniform-shape goods. Among them are our products used for “cutting,” “grinding” and “polishing” processes. The diamond tools we skillfully produce by utilizing the characteristics of diamonds and our technology for incorporating diamonds into products are adopted as key components for various machines.

Diamond Wheels, CBN Wheels, Diamond Dressers, Diamond Roller Dressers, Wire Guide Dies, Water Jet Nozzles, Wear Parts, Precision Grinding Wheels, and Super-finishing Grinding Stones

Stone and Construction

The stone and construction area covers various uses of our products, including the construction and dismantlement of large buildings, the processing of gravestones, and the development of roads as part of social infrastructure. Among our products, diamond tools are actively used as tools to meet social needs, such as environmental consideration and noise reduction. Recently, diamond tools have increasingly been used for anti-seismic reinforcement of buildings and river bank production in preparations for natural disasters. Demand for diamond tools has been growing in developing countries that must develop social infrastructure in the future. In these ways, our diamond tools are used as products contributing to society at various locations around the world.

Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Portable Cutters, Diamond Wire Saws, Diamond Polishing Wheels, Diamond Core Drills, and Diamond Bits


The Group has also earned the confidence of customers in other business sectors where it cultivates durable relationships. In particular, our jewelry business renowned for high-quality diamonds draws strength from the trust and the track record we have accumulated over the years. Our high-precision cutting technology is also greatly respected.

Jewelry, Diamond Powder

Asahi Diamond’s Business Model

The Company has specialized in manufacturing diamond tools since its founding in 1937. Our research and development, production and marketing divisions have given priority to sharing information and investing in equipment across their boundaries. The Asahi Diamond group, including affiliates, has produced customized products by order. By providing high-quality products as a leading company in the industry, we have tried to maximize the value we provide. We take advantage of information gained from such operations for developing new technologies, bringing about a virtuous circle to improve our technological capabilities and customer satisfaction. We boast a wide range of products from blades, wheels and cutters to dies and dressers, which are used by various industries such as electronics and semiconductors, transportation machinery, stone and construction, and industrial materials. Our products contribute to production by all manufacturers such as parts and set makers.

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Sales by industry

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