About us


Asahi Diamond Industrial will continue on its path of developing human resources, improving technology, and contributing to society.

Since its founding in 1937, our company has deepened business operations as a specialized manufacturer of diamond tools. As an independent business group engaging in a wide range of business operations in Japan and other countries, we can invest human resources, information and other business resources at our own discretion. This is our greatest strength.

As our tools boast advanced machining and grinding capabilities, excellent durability and are suitable for high-speed and precision processing, they are used for manufacturing in a wide range of areas from electronics and semiconductors to transportation equipment, machines, stones and construction. Diamond tools also contribute to reducing waste volume and cutting environmental load through less electricity consumption.

Recently, many companies have begun efforts to solve social problems through business operations to realize a sustainable society. We believe that we can contribute to solving various social problems by improving our products to upgrade our customers’ manufacturing in a wide range of areas. At a time when the speed of change is very quick, innovation does not necessarily come on a step-by-step basis. Innovation is required to skip multiple steps in many cases. Our tools are indispensable for and the key to innovation.

In order to improve our technological capabilities, we proactively cooperate with outside organizations in research and development, promote cooperation among plants, and utilize information and know-how accumulated over a long time. We thoroughly promote compliance with laws and regulations as a matter of course and make great efforts to develop human resources and convey skills to younger generations based on the belief that business infrastructure includes human growth.

Our attitude of sticking with diamonds has remained unshaken. We will continue as a group of diamond tool professionals expanding the potential of diamond tools and exploring their various uses. We will continue on our path of developing human resources, improving technology, and contributing to society.

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