• Diamond Roller Dressers (Sintered & Electroforming Types)
    Diamond Roller Dressers (Sintered & Electroforming Types)
    Diamond roller dressers are used for forming and dressing conventional abrasive grinding wheels and CBN wheels. Since these dressers are capable of accurate and speedy form dressing, they can effectiv...
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  • Gear-grinding Rotary Dresser
    Gear-grinding Rotary Dresser
    This is an electroplated rotary dresser for improved sharpness. It can be designed according to gears style....
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  • “Excellent Dresser” Rotary Dresser : for internal grinding
    The dresser has a long service life, featuring stable dressing from the beginning to the end. The number of processing runs per dress is high, enabling the cycle time to be shortened....
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  • “iSTroll”
    Regularly aligned diamond pattern that reduces # of working grains, resulting in better Dress-Ability. Unique pattern of diamond enable its Free-Dressing ability even on complicated formed shapes &...
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  • Diamond Gear Dressers
    Diamond Gear Dressers
    Gear-shaped diamond roller dressers are used for dressing worm gear-shaped grinding wheels and internal gear-shaped grinding wheels. These gear dressers are effective in mass production of  high preci...
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  • Diamond Dressers
    Diamond Dressers
    A diamond dresser has one or more diamonds mounted on the tip of its shank and is used for truing and dressing grinding wheels. The efficiency of grinding and finishing depends on the quality of the d...
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    PRISMA DRESSER improve's tool life and dress quality by using polycrystalline diamond, proven to be more durable than mono-crystal synthetic diamond which is prone to cracking and shorter tool life.Co...
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  • Spiral Dressers
    This is a sintered rotary dresser that excels in dressing and forming performances. Particularly, the dresser is useful for forming super-hard grinding wheels. Diamonds are spirally set with the abras...
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  • Bonding of IC Chips (Wire Bonding, TAB* & Flip Chip Bonding) CMP Conditioners
    Bonding of IC Chips (Wire Bonding, TAB* & Flip Chip Bonding) CMP Conditioners
    Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) helps smooth wafer surfaces, an important part of VLSI production. Conditioning is essential to assure stable CMP grinding. Asahi Diamond offers a variety of CMP co...
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  • Electroplated Truer : for vitrified CBN wheels
    The truer is the most suitable for truing vitrified CNB wheels. It can also be used for aero-metal CBN wheels depending on their specifications. Diamonds are embedded through nickel plating. The truer...
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