• SUNPAX Reamers
    SUNPAX Reamers
    SUNPAX reamers are made with focus on stable quality, based on control over reamers' key properties such as the outside diameter and run-out tolerance, using our advanced processing technologies. We c...
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  • Helical Reamers
    Helical Reamers
    Thrust can be significantly reduced by switching from a conventional straight edge reamer to a helical reamer, and it allows rapid feeding and contributes to higher productivity....
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  • Integrated Tooling Holder Reamers
    Integrated Tooling Holder Reamers
    As a solution for special tooling, a tooling holder and a reamer are integrated, making it possible to shorten the length and increase the rigidity of the tool and therefore meet high precision demand...
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  • Electroplated Reamer : for one-pass milling
    The reamer controls the diametral accuracy of tools at the micron level and provides excellent processing accuracy and sharpness....
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  • Surface Control (Surface Roughness Specifiable) Reamers
    Surface Control (Surface Roughness Specifiable) Reamers
    These reamers are designed to freely control surface finish and thus realize the processing accuracy and surface roughness that you require....
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  • SUNPAX / SUNNITE Endmills
    SUNPAX / SUNNITE Endmills
    We design edges for your needs to improve the efficiency of various types of processing such as milling, grooving, spot facing, and curve facing. It is also possible to make spiral types for high-spee...
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  • SUNPAX Drills
    SUNPAX Drills
    To meet the market demand for high productivity, we developed helical type drills with a diamond compact, which allows rapid feeding and reduces thrust. Also available are special types that solve exi...
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  • “STAR LAYER” SL Tools
    “STAR LAYER” SL Tools
    SL stands for Single Layer. Our registered trademark of STAR LAYER represents a tool that has a single diamond grain layer fixed with a brazing filler metal on a precision-processed base metal. Compar...
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  • CVD Drills / Endmills / Inserts
    CVD Drills / Endmills / Inserts
    The coating technology using our unique vapor-phase synthesis allows the product to have strong adhesion to original materials and abrasion resistance so that tools of every complex shape can be forme...
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  • Chip-Cutting (Chip Breaking) Drills
    Chip-Cutting (Chip Breaking) Drills
    As a solution to chip obstruction, one of the problems in cutting, we specially treated the edge to cut chips much smaller and therefore you can avoid such troubles as chips coiling around and remaini...
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