• Diamond Core Drills : for automobile window glass hole drilling
    Diamond core drills for drilling holes have contributed greatly to automobile safety....
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  • SUNPAX Reamers
    SUNPAX Reamers
    SUNPAX reamers are made with focus on stable quality, based on control over reamers' key properties such as the outside diameter and run-out tolerance, using our advanced processing technologies. We c...
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  • Helical Reamers
    Helical Reamers
    Thrust can be significantly reduced by switching from a conventional straight edge reamer to a helical reamer, and it allows rapid feeding and contributes to higher productivity....
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  • SUNPAX Drills
    SUNPAX Drills
    To meet the market demand for high productivity, we developed helical type drills with a diamond compact, which allows rapid feeding and reduces thrust. Also available are special types that solve exi...
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  • “STAR LAYER” SL Tools
    “STAR LAYER” SL Tools
    SL stands for Single Layer. Our registered trademark of STAR LAYER represents a tool that has a single diamond grain layer fixed with a brazing filler metal on a precision-processed base metal. Compar...
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  • Core Drills : for sapphire
    Core Drills : for sapphire
    Used for coring sapphire for LED substrates...
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  • Diamond Core Drills
    Diamond Core Drills
    Diamond core drills are used primarily for drilling stone and are indispensable in drilling holes of different diameters in stone or cutting out stone cylinders....
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  • “Hyper Mole Mega”
    “Hyper Mole Mega”
    Two types are available for different sizes of drilling motor.MEGA for low-middle powered saw machines. ...
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  • “M27″
    Developed for low powered light weight machines(1,000-2,000W)Suitable for making holes for pipework.Also suitable for making holes for fixings and anchors. ...
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  • “Hyper Mole Z”
    “Hyper Mole Z”
    The three-point bit is designed for holing, demolition and seismic strengthening of reinforced concrete structures. The bit features sharpness and economic efficiency. The bit lineup includes the 4-in...
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