• Helical Reamers
    Helical Reamers
    Thrust can be significantly reduced by switching from a conventional straight edge reamer to a helical reamer, and it allows rapid feeding and contributes to higher productivity....
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  • Integrated Tooling Holder Reamers
    Integrated Tooling Holder Reamers
    As a solution for special tooling, a tooling holder and a reamer are integrated, making it possible to shorten the length and increase the rigidity of the tool and therefore meet high precision demand...
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  • Surface Control (Surface Roughness Specifiable) Reamers
    Surface Control (Surface Roughness Specifiable) Reamers
    These reamers are designed to freely control surface finish and thus realize the processing accuracy and surface roughness that you require....
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  • SUNPAX / SUNNITE Endmills
    SUNPAX / SUNNITE Endmills
    We design edges for your needs to improve the efficiency of various types of processing such as milling, grooving, spot facing, and curve facing. It is also possible to make spiral types for high-spee...
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  • SUNPAX Drills
    SUNPAX Drills
    To meet the market demand for high productivity, we developed helical type drills with a diamond compact, which allows rapid feeding and reduces thrust. Also available are special types that solve exi...
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  • Chip-Cutting (Chip Breaking) Drills
    Chip-Cutting (Chip Breaking) Drills
    As a solution to chip obstruction, one of the problems in cutting, we specially treated the edge to cut chips much smaller and therefore you can avoid such troubles as chips coiling around and remaini...
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  • SUNPAX Wear Parts
    SUNPAX Wear Parts
    ・Lathe Centers SUNPAX lathe centers, which holds work pieces on a lathe or grinding machine, dramatically increase wear resistance and durability over that of tungsten carbide・Centerless Blades (Work-...
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  • SUNPAX / SUNNITE Turning Tools & Inserts
    SUNPAX / SUNNITE Turning Tools & Inserts
    With our processing know-how and a wide selection of diamond/CBN blanks, we offer standard and custom-made products and also special-specification (chip breakers, wipers, etc.) designs and thus help y...
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  • “SUNNITE-TWIN” (Inserts)
    “SUNNITE-TWIN” (Inserts)
    These models are economical, have CBN edges in the two corners, and therefore allow you to reduce tool costs in cutting processes....
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  • Electroplated Truer : for vitrified CBN wheels
    The truer is the most suitable for truing vitrified CNB wheels. It can also be used for aero-metal CBN wheels depending on their specifications. Diamonds are embedded through nickel plating. The truer...
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