• “SUNNITE-TWIN” (Inserts)
    “SUNNITE-TWIN” (Inserts)
    These models are economical, have CBN edges in the two corners, and therefore allow you to reduce tool costs in cutting processes....
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  • “VIT SOFT”
    “VIT SOFT”
    Machining accuracy is very high because this wheel type is made from brittle materials. Grinding ability is very high due to pores in the wheel. This Wheel is easy to shape the grinding form by using ...
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  • “BS1” Resin CBN Wheel with Pores
    The “BS1” new high-performance resin bond wheel with pores is designed for replacing conventional grinding wheels with CBN wheels and dry grinding. Compared with the WA80K conventional grinding stone,...
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  • Diamond Paste / Diluent / Diamond Slurry
    Diamond Paste / Diluent / Diamond Slurry
    The special paste and diluting fluid can sustain high performance over a long time even in a small volume. The SP-WO allows economic lapping and polishing processes to be conducted for every material ...
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