• “Prime Wire” Diamond Wire Saws
    “Prime Wire” Diamond Wire Saws
    Prime Wire is used in situations where saw blades are impractical, such as when cutting very large stones. We offer a full array of Prime Wire products to suit a variety of machinery and other conditi...
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  • Diamond Core Drills
    Diamond Core Drills
    Diamond core drills are used primarily for drilling stone and are indispensable in drilling holes of different diameters in stone or cutting out stone cylinders....
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  • Metal Bond Polishing Wheels / Resin Bond Polishing Wheels
    Metal Bond Polishing Wheels / Resin Bond Polishing Wheels
    Asahi Diamond produces various types of metal bond polishing wheels for rough polishing of stone, including the standard, resin-embedded, tip replaceable and other types.Resin bond polishing wheels br...
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  • Diamond Drum Wheels
    Diamond Drum Wheels
    Diamond drum wheels are indispensable in the form grinding of stone materials. Applicable to various stone shapes, the drum wheels restore the original finish of the stone....
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  • Grinding Wheel
    Grinding Wheel
    For use in the processing of a variety of stones and other building materials either for calibration or surface reparation....
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