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Corporate Philosophy/Action Charter

Corporate Philosophy

Action Charter

Attitude to Customers
We shall initiate business from the perspective of customers and work on our business from the customers’ point of view. (Sincerity)
We shall provide our customs with our products and services with Safety and Security. (Safety and Security)
We shall pay generous attention to the protection of personal and customer information. (Confidentiality Obligation)
Attitude to Shareholders and Investors
We shall actively disclose our corporate information with the aim of realizing highly transparent management. (Management Transparency)
We shall make appropriate profits through business activities. (Shareholder Profits)
We shall accept accountability for our corporate activities and promote understanding thereof. (Accountability)
Attitude to Suppliers
We shall respect suppliers as our important partners. (Partnership)
We shall maintain a mutually equal relationship with suppliers based on appropriate contracts. (Contracts)
We shall conduct fair and proper trade. (Fairness)
Attitude to Fellow Employees
We shall respect the diversity, individuality and personality of each employee as partner who works together. (Respect for Human Rights)
We shall take pride in our company and business at every workplace and carry out business positively. (Pride)
We shall fulfill our responsibility of explanation as individual for the results to be achieved by each individual employee. (Self-Responsibility)
Attitude to Society
We shall promote our corporate activities in deference to and in consideration of local residents’ attachment to their local communities. (Communication with Local Residents)
We shall completely bar relationships with antisocial forces that pose a threat to the order of civil society or security. (Relationships with Antisocial Forces)
We as individual employees, shall take action actively, thinking of social contribution. (Social Contribution)
We shall voluntarily and actively cope with surrounding environmental issues and take necessary action. (Global Environment)

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