• Electroformed Hub-Type Dicing Blades
    Electroformed Hub-Type Dicing Blades
    Hub-type electroformed blades are used for dicing patterned wafers. Because they have aluminum alloy hubs, they can be used more easily than ring-type blades. Not only can the specifications for our d...
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  • Electroformed Hubless-Type Dicing Blades
    Electroformed Hubless-Type Dicing Blades
    Ring type blades are suitable for various cutting grooving applications, such as silicon wafers, compound semiconductor wafers, etc. Nickel plating is the bonding material and with the proper diamond ...
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  • Precision Cutting Wheels (Non-Core Type)
    Precision Cutting Wheels (Non-Core Type)
    To work on precision electronic parts, a thin cutting wheel is required. Asahi Diamond's non-core type wheels are hubless and highly precise. The wheels are commonly used with dicing machines or high ...
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  • “SUNNOVEL” High Elasticity Metal Bond
    “SUNNOVEL” High Elasticity Metal Bond
    High elasticity metal bond blades combine the strength of a metal bond with the cutting performance of a resin bond blade....
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  • “SUNMIGHTY” Electroformed Blades with Steel Core
    “SUNMIGHTY” Electroformed Blades with Steel Core
    The SUNMIGHTY blades have a high tensile strength stainless steel core with nickel bonded diamonds on the outside edge, The recess between the core and abrasive layer help to improve coolant flow and ...
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